Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Citroën La Dalat – First Car Made In Vietnam


In 1936 Citroën set up a subsidiary in Indochine française, headquarter at today’s Rex Hotel. In 1970 the Société Automobile d’Extrême-Orient became the Société Industrielle et Commerciale «Xe Hoi Citroën Cong Ty» and specialized in the assembly of a version of the Baby Brousse called La Dalat. This is the first car ever assembled, branded and produced in large scale in Vietnam with the localized percentage up to 40%

Only important parts such as engine, steering wheel, brake, suspension were imported from France, the rest were all localized. There were 4 types of La Dalat with 4 seats or 2 seats with space to carry goods.
The model was a great success targeting the mid class clients: convenient, economy and easy to customize/personalize as most of the parts are made in Vietnam with great extend of flexibility.
The production continued until the fall of Saigon in 1975.
Now only few La Dalat can still be seen on Saigon street and some can be still found in Laos.

Headquarter at today’s Rex Hotel, conrner Le Loi – Nguyen Hue Street

Advertising Poster 1973

La Dalat on Saigon Street

Logo La Dalat

La Dalat in Saigon

La Dalat in museum, Belgium

La Dalat in museum, Belgium

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